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I am a Financial Advisor with over 35 years’ experience, 29 of which I worked directly for Bank Of Ireland as “ Financial Advisor “ and for the past 6 years as an Independent Financial Advisor where I focus on supporting business owners in determining the best options of financial protection to suit their current and future needs.

With extensive knowledge and experience of financial products/services and a keen awareness of the problems that face business owners today, I assist clients in analysing their current financial situation, review existing policies and recommend amalgamation of policies that are then fit for purpose while also saving money on an annual basis.

I work directly with clients in advising them of relevant products suitable to their current life status with the objective of implementing a sound and financial setting for their retirement. Planning is key to a secure future and I offer my clients peace of mind knowing their future is secured.

Financial Planning Strategy

Where a business is in profit and requires a strategy to extract wealth from the business year on year and invest in pensions in a tax efficient and compliant method.

Financial Extract Strategy

Where business owners are within 10 years from retirement age, an extract strategy should be developed to plan for the management of existing business wealth to ensure a lump sum pension and increased salary that is tax compliant and financially beneficial to the business owner(s).

Financial Exit Strategy

Where business owners are planning to sell or pass on a business to family before the age of 66 a financial exit strategy should be considered to avail of tax free allowance of up to €750k, (as per current budget rules).

Additional Services

Key Person Insurance

An option for a business to insure a “key person” within a business be it the business owner or a vital member of staff that due to unforeseen circumstances either temporary or permanent that individual is unable to contribute to the day to day business activities. The policy is established based on the “worth” that individual brings to the business, the policy is owned by the company, and any payout will be treated as income to the business. Tax relief currently at 12.5% can be claimed by a limited company on premiums.

Company Pension Schemes

Employee Benefit Packages - to attract experienced professional personnel to your business.

Income Protection – ensure your salary in the event you are unable to work .

Business Protection – Directors buy-back share policy, in the event of serious illness, death, or leaving of a Director.


Financial Services


  • Bachelor of Financial Services Degree Honours
    2002 - 2004 U C D Smurfit school of Business

Work Experience

  • 10-04-1978 - 31-10-2012
    Customer advisor/Financial advisor

  • 03-03-2014 - 17-02-2017
    Tied Agent

  • 06-03-2017 - Present
    Financial Broker

  • 01-05-2015 - Present
    Business Networking Group

    I am the Secretary/Treasurer of this networking group for the past 2 years.


  • 2018
    Notable Networker

    Awarded the Notable Networker award in BNI Mayo Chapter for June 2018.

Professional Bodies

L I A , I O B

Willing to Sign a Non Disclosure